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Holy Cross Catholic Church
415 Robley Dr. Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone:  (337) 984-9636

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Ministries for Mass
Christine Cox
Sacred Space Coordinator
Ph: 984-9636 ext.1002

Coordinator of Youth Disciple Formation
Kyle Melancon
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1103

Director of Disciple Formation
Kristi Graham
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1101

Disciple Formation Associate
Noemi Perillo
Ph: 984-9643 Ext. 1102

Coordinator of Adult Disciple Formation
John Schexnaildre
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1202

Parish Manager
Robert Klingman
Ph: 984-9636- Ext. 1001

Parish Facilitator
Teri Broussard
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1003

Principal of Little Shepherds
Sandy Gallo
Ph: 984-2636

Shepherd of Holy Cross Church
Fr. Howard Blessing
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1006

Helping the Less Fortunate
St. Vincent de Paul
Ph: 989-0110

Joining the Parish of Holy Cross
Kathy Borah
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1000

Office Manager
Kathy Borah
Ph: 984-9636 Ext. 1000

Kathy Borah
Ph: 984-9636

Bulletin Editor
Lillie Long
Ph: 984-9636

IT / Resource Manager
Joel Sandridge
Ph: 984-9643


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